The level 7 exam is divided into 3 parts

 Part 1 is the Candidate-led discussion about a topic prepared by you.

Objectives :

1. Give as much information as possible about the chosen topic

2. Try to include the key-grammar points from Trinity Level 7 (see exam information)

3. Do not just memorize a script. Be prepared to answer various questions

4. You are allowed to use diagrams or brief notes to assist you during the exam (copies should be provided for the examiner)

5. You should be able to speak about this topic for 5 minutes.

6. Remember that you have to begin the discussion and introduce the topic to the examiner.


Part 2 is the Interactive Phase of the exam.


1.This part of the exam will give the examiner an idea of your ability to take control of the conversation and maintain it. 

2. You will be required to keep the conversation flowing for about 4 minutes.

3. You will have to demonstrate your knowledge of the grammar and language from Trinity Level 7 ( see exam information)

4. Demonstrate your ability to ask questions  


Examiner : This is the first time I've ever been to this area and I have a free weekend

Candidate: What are you interested in?

Examiner: Well, I like visiting museums, but I don't like noisy or crowded places.

Candidate: Oh yes, I feel the same, There are some good museums in town, do you like modern art?

Examiner:Not really, I prefer history.

Candidate :Well, I think you should really visit the Archeaological museum, There are lots of roman remains there


Part 3 is the Conversation phase of the exam

In this part of the exam you will be required to talk about two of the subject areas from Trinity Level 7.

The examiner may use pictures to facilitate conversation.


1. Show understanding by responding appropriately to the examiner

2. Keep the conversation flowing

3. In case of a breakdown in conversation, show ability to remedy it.




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